What Did Our Customers Say?
"I like how the bias are sewed on neatly. There is something special about the design of the skirt, it has an elastic band at one side of it. I guess this is a feature to help the skirt fit different users as much as it can. It's a pretty cool design if you are afraid the skirt won't fit you. Though for me, the elastic just kept slipping up, making the short skirt even scandalously shorter.",more details at http://thecosplaychronicles.blogspot.com
Sweet Angel
Cosplayer:Sweet Angel
"The sellers are so good, they reply quickly and with kindness. The costume is very good: the seams are well made. The pack contains: Jacket, coat, skirt, tie, stocking, headwear Unfortunately the skirt was very long and large for me (i made it shorter); the socks was very short (i asked to MicCostumes to make them knee-high..) so i had to cut them and put into a pair of boots; the shirt is too tight at the chest",more details at cosplay.com
Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay
Devianrart: http://eva-no-jutsu.deviantart.com/
"I am giving this cosplay, my very first to be sponsored by a company!, a grade of A-. It would have been an A+ if the shirt wasn't a strange fit on me. Usually a costume would get a B from me for that, but the fit was easily fixed by wearing a better bra and a few safety pins, and now that I have time just a little bit of stitching will so fix it up! I mean, when everything else fit so great, a little thing like that is no big deal at all! Im so pleased with the outfit, the service, and everything else that I would recomend them and order from them again",more details at cosplay.com
Persona 5 Protagonist Joker Akira Kurusu The Phantom Cosplay Costume School Uniform
Posted: 2022-01-22 05:44:19 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Did not receive item
League of Legends Pajama Guardian Lulu Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2022-01-22 05:22:41 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
It was for me the first purchase from Miccostumes and I enjoy the quality except the stars that aren't shiny like the first picture (actually are flat silicon starfish, as said above). But the costume is very qualitative, soft and can be used for pajama, everyday, shooting photo, cosplay in con...etc I'm 1m65 and got the L size. The pant is very large but also very confortable. There is a zipper between legs and it's handy/practical, I think. The shipping was very fast, (i'm from France) as excepted, I'm happy. all the pics are by me except the last one (it was by Fokuza ; Oak)
League of Legends KDA Luminous Pop Star Girls Akali Reversible Jacket Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2022-01-21 13:37:58 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
i ordered it mostly for the jacket and it's pretty good, thought it was gonna have a hood but it's just like a really big collar which is kinda strange imo. other than that the material is really nice! it's a deep purple yet reflective in like pink ish. the pants were way too small for me yet the top was too big, so if youre even somewhat thicc thighed yet flat chested you gon have to either order a size up and sew the top smaller or deal w literally your entire ass out lol (i ordered S and i'm 162cm and abt 55kg). the belt is waaaayy too big, literally like an xl belt compared to the pants lol (its ezpz to sew shorter tho). the mask is fucking hilariously big, it literally wouldnt fit a single soul on this planet. gloves were kinda small but theyre a bit stretchy so if you got tiny hands they work. the cap is kinda cheap lookin ngl. i had some loose threads here and there but they're an easy fix. shipping was as usual, abt 2-3 weeks in europe. overall id recommedn it if youve got some skills in sewing, cus you'll definitely have to fix some things unless youre the magical perfect size lol.
®Haikyuu KNY Shinobu Dereviated Splitted Swimsuit Vest and Shorts Swimwear Bathing Suit Outfit with Strapped Butterfly-Printed Kimono Haori Cover Up
Posted: 2022-01-21 13:12:16 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
such a beautiful pareo. I love it and wear it everywhere! awesome
Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth Female Main Protagonist Cosplay Costume Uniform
Posted: 2022-01-21 06:10:04 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Definitely my favourite cosplay from MicCostumes I've ever gotten. Feels extremely comfortable (saying a lot for Byleth's design) for the design, everything fits comfortably and the only issue was a button on the back of her collar popped off randomly. Covered by her wig regardless and fixed with a safety clip, lmao. (2nd pic by the awesome Michael Liao!)
Fire Emblem Heroes Hana Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2022-01-21 06:04:56 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
As a whole, this cosplay is definitely worth buying. The price is really worth it and I would recommend this Hana cosplay over others. The accessories are easily worn and don't slip. My only negatives about this cosplay are to do with craftsmanship and the kimono(?). Without any exaggerated movement, the pink fabric tore off completely from the glove. The kimono also worked its way up my thighs, and if I weren't wearing biker shorts, it would've been really embarassing.
Black Butler 2 Cosplay Ciel Cosplay Costume Daily Suit
Posted: 2022-01-21 05:34:30 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
So cute! And so well made!!!
My Hero Academia Midoriya Izuku Deku Cosplay Costume Gamma Battle Suit Fighting Suit
Posted: 2022-01-21 05:33:47 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Super comfy!!! <3
Women Maid Style Sexy Lingerie Set Sweet Lace Plaid Top and Skirt
Posted: 2022-01-21 00:00:00 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Omg! Very sexy fit with no problems. It\'s comfortable and the material is stretchy. Cool i like that came with all the accessories. by far my favorite costume I’ve ever ordered!!!! It is a little tight, but not uncomfortably so. SO flattering and comfortable!\r\n
Danganronpa Junko Enoshima Cosplay Costume Uniform Set with 2 Ties and Bear Hairclips
Posted: 2022-01-20 20:47:23 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Amazing quailty! The skirt fits perfectly but do be careful with the top if you have a smaller chest, can easily be fixed by a few stitches or just wearing an under shirt!
Black Butler The Princess of Circus Doll White Dress Cosplay Costume with Roses Hat
Posted: 2022-01-20 15:48:57 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
It was okay but arrived without thigh ribbons.. Fit was not accurate and the fabric shines a lot. I made a new rose hat,used rhinestones and fabric to make it look better but even the socks only fall down. I'm a bit disappointed.
Resident Evil 2 Claire Redfield Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2022-01-20 09:23:01 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
So in love with this cosplay! Avid RE fan and this is spot on! Fits perfectly and amazing quality!
Sexy Bunny Girl Lingerie Set Translucent Hollow Lace Costume Outfit with Stockings and Hair Band
Posted: 2022-01-20 04:57:14 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
I love this one. It.s simila to a cosplay that I wanted and It really made my day ♡
Sexy Lingerie Set Two-tailed Cat Onesies Bowknot Crossover Strap Bodysuit Costume Outfit with Wristlets and Hair Band
Posted: 2022-01-20 04:56:34 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
I really liked this 2 tail kitty putfit it is confortable and so cute ♡
Dangan Ronpa Celestia Ludenberg Cosplay Costume Lolita Dress with Petticoat and Hair Band
Posted: 2022-01-20 01:22:55 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
I've ordered from Miccostumes quite a few times already, I am never disappointed with the quality, shipment time, I will always recommend this site. The Celestia cosplay was absolutely stunning!! I was very happy with the sizing, even with the company reaching out to ask to substitute for a medium! (Thank you you guys for reaching out to me btw, it is always greatly appreciated!!) It was actually a much better fit for me! It wasn't snug, it fit me perfectly. No tightness in my arms like I had expected. I could move freely. The lace was amazing, the detailing are gorgeous!