What Did Our Customers Say?
"I like how the bias are sewed on neatly. There is something special about the design of the skirt, it has an elastic band at one side of it. I guess this is a feature to help the skirt fit different users as much as it can. It's a pretty cool design if you are afraid the skirt won't fit you. Though for me, the elastic just kept slipping up, making the short skirt even scandalously shorter.",more details at http://thecosplaychronicles.blogspot.com
Sweet Angel
Cosplayer:Sweet Angel
"The sellers are so good, they reply quickly and with kindness. The costume is very good: the seams are well made. The pack contains: Jacket, coat, skirt, tie, stocking, headwear Unfortunately the skirt was very long and large for me (i made it shorter); the socks was very short (i asked to MicCostumes to make them knee-high..) so i had to cut them and put into a pair of boots; the shirt is too tight at the chest",more details at cosplay.com
Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay
Devianrart: http://eva-no-jutsu.deviantart.com/
"I am giving this cosplay, my very first to be sponsored by a company!, a grade of A-. It would have been an A+ if the shirt wasn't a strange fit on me. Usually a costume would get a B from me for that, but the fit was easily fixed by wearing a better bra and a few safety pins, and now that I have time just a little bit of stitching will so fix it up! I mean, when everything else fit so great, a little thing like that is no big deal at all! Im so pleased with the outfit, the service, and everything else that I would recomend them and order from them again",more details at cosplay.com
My Hero Academia Kaminari Denki Hoodie Tide Suit Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-23 05:39:40 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Der Stoff trägt sich angenehm und das Cosplay ist sehr süß XD
Delusion Fate Go Saber Cosplay Costume Dress
Posted: 2019-05-23 05:33:54 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Das Kleid ist qualitativ hochwertig. Leider waren die Handschuhe etwas eng. Einen Kauf kann ich sehr empfehlen.
Vocaloid BRING IT ON Rin/Len Rin Kagamine Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-23 05:25:28 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Material, Form und Farbe sind sehr schön. Preis und Qualität sind stimmen total.
My Hero Academia Ochako Uraraka Dinosaur Series Cute Short Skirt Daily Full Set Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-23 04:17:07 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
My Hero Academia Ochako Uraraka Weekly Magazine Style Short Skirt and Jacket Full Set Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-23 03:53:23 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Bowsette Princess Bowser Swimwear Bodysuit Cosplay Costume with Horn and Turtle Shell
Posted: 2019-05-23 03:25:44 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
品質も仕上がりも非常に良いです、そして手触り感も柔らかく、本当に素晴らしいです。 超スリムに見え、大好き!
Exclusive The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Princess Zelda Blue Long Dress Gown Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-22 13:17:12 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
I ordered this costume through Miccostumes via Amazon! I am 5'1 and weigh ~130lbs; and I fit perfectly into a size S! Nice quality in the fabric used and the embroidery for the middle part!! It is absolutely beautiful! It's not as thick/overwhelming to wear, so if you live in a hot place like I do, don't worry. The costume reads amazing in the sunlight, and makes it perfect for photoshoots <3 It came with all necessary pieces, and threw in a wig cap along with some bobby pins for the crown. The only thing I find a bit difficult is that the crown is hard to keep on. I used four bobby pins and spirit gum which did not work still; however my solution was to glue the crown to a headband and it does the job perfectly!!! Aside from that, this costume is definitely worth the price and I would recommend anyone to purchase from here!! <3 More photos are available on @novachuu on instagram.
Kingdom Hearts III Sora Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-21 22:01:01 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
ちゃんと写真通りのものがきます!生地もしっかりしているので、買った後にちょっと改造したいというような方でも布のほつれなどが無く作業がしやすいかと。男性サイズしかないので買うか迷う女性の方もいらっしゃると思うのですが、157cm日本人平均体型でズボンが少し大きめ、手袋大きめという感じでした。ですが、ズボンはベルトをしめてしまえば何も問題なかったですし、手袋は届いてから各自で調整すればどうとでもなるレベルです。本当に質がいいので、ここのパーツを全部外して改造しなくちゃ気が済まない!というものはなかったです。ありがたい! また、配送もとても早く予定よりも早い到着でした。今回初めて海外通販を使うということでとてもビクビクしながら手続きをしていたのですが、問合せ担当の方がとても丁寧で分からないこと全てに迅速に答えてくださりました。あと、他社ではポケット部は飾り!という感じなのですがこちらの衣装は全てのポケットが使用可能で!ハロウィンなどで歩き回ると言う際にもとても便利でありがたいです!今後も機会があれば利用させていただきたいと思っています。
Kingdom Hearts III Sora Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-21 00:32:45 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
honestly fantastic quality and quick shipment! its actually made of real fabric, not that plasticy stuff other cosplay retailers use. definitely recommended!
Exclusive Sailor Moon Goth Black Lady Chibiusa Tsukino Cosplay Costume Dress
Posted: 2019-05-20 16:35:57 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
I ordered this costume TWO times (first was pre-order) and had to return it the first time because it came with seams and buttons loose. The initial order was also several weeks late. It also did NOT come with the earrings the first time around either. I just received my replacement and again the material is just not right. It is more “put together” but it is VERY cheap material that will last you maybe a few hours at a convention. The red undershirt arrived glued together in various places as well. One wrong move and it’ll rip. The earring did come this time but I was very underwhelmed with the plastic clip-ons. The colors of the costume are actually really pretty, but it is just cheap and not worth the price. I wish I could say I will be purchasing from here again, because the customer service people were very kind and accommodating, but I can’t. Also, if anyone is wondering the sizes run VERY SMALL and are not true to the size chart. I’m a size 8 and I had to order the XL.
Inuyasha Inu-Yasha Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-20 00:14:35 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
I can't express how much I love this cosplay. The quality is outstanding very well made, shipping time was reasonable, fits perfectly and its comfortable , the pants have an elastic waste band which makes me so happy. I'm so excited to wear this cosplay at my next con! . I will definitely be buying from this website in the future.
Fate/Stay Night Saber Altria Pendragon 10th Anniversary Wedding Dress Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-17 06:24:35 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
My Hero Academia Ochako Uraraka Sakura Kimono Dress Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-17 06:17:16 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
超綺麗!!長い間楽しみにして、また長い間考えられて、最後にそれを買った。良かった。 素晴らしい素材、美しいデザイン!
Vocaloid Miku Mint Brownie Fashion Lolita Dress Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-05-17 06:04:16 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
POP Team Epic Pop Pipi Cosplay Uniform Full Set Sailor Dress Outfit
Posted: 2019-05-17 04:52:04 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars